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Hey!!! i am here posting a new video!! (thnx 2 youtube big laugh
My very dear CAE B students, Our time has come to express your feelings and your views on the experience you have added this year to your lives: that of becoming aware of the importance of speaking English to communicate with other people beyond your classroom walls. How have you lived this experience? Do you feel it has truly added "something new"? Have you managed to appreciate the value of "tagging" to meet like-minded people in the cyberworld? We are all going to work in class on this feedback I'd like to get from you, which I will proudly share with a groip of EFL teachers during an online seminar I'll have the honour to participate in, next month. Think about your personal experience and get ready to share it. I will record it to keep it "safe" and to also share it with my colleagues as an excellent example of your work, your commitment and your enthusiasm. It is a huge pleasure to work with students like you...winking Rita

Hi everyone, Rita im sorry for my extend absence from class(i know you all mis me, come on Facu admitted!!! :S) i had a lot of exams, so it was dificult for me to go to cultura. But now i will go every day except for tuesdays due to the subject i commented last week. I wanted to ask to someone what is the homework for next friday.
Also i would like to discuss some topic. The chosen one for this ocassion is Science. You know there were a lot of advances in this field. But lets put an example, the cloning dicoveries. Is it ethical that a scientist is traying to play god role? We all agree on the benefits of some advances in Science, for example cures for diseases. But how far could the reach without going against some "values" for say?
I dont know if you understand me i hope so, please comment about this, i want to read everyones opinion.
Hugs to everyone,
Juan Ignacio.
Pbig smile: How are you, drunk girl? you know who you are.......she knows!!!!jejejej winking

My dear students!

Would you like to join a course with international partners to practise your English and learn about other students' culture?

It is a unique experience other students have already enjoyed!!!


And here some others, concentrated on their papers...

Good luck, and don't forget this corner..., it's HERE where REAL communication takes place!!!

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