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I´ve been reading the latest postings, and, first things first, I must reply: Facu, we missed you too; Rita, I absolutely share your point of keeping in touch; and Anita, thank you very much for your best wishes for the examination!!!
I would like to keep knowing about you all, and as I found deeply interesting Rita`s project of learning English by communicating through the Internet, I would like to enrole myself for taking part of future projects of Rita`s.
Well, I would like to finish saying that it`s been my pleasure meeting you, and that you can always count on me for everything you´ll ever need. Big hugs and kisses, Paula Armoa

Hi, Facu and all CAE students! Well..., yes, now the school year is over... But after so many classes sharing discussions, experiences, all very happy moments learning and working together I myself feel it would be great to go on sharing ... Why stopping communication now...? There were only six of you today , our last class, but you were all present. We missed those who did not turn up and remembered the times we enjoyed for eight months. What are you up to these days? How is this year finishing for each of you? I'd love to hear from you all, even if it's a line... I hope you have all profited from your CAE classes, I myself did, learning together. A big hug to all, Rita

as far as i know nobody is posting new episodes here any more... xD
but anyway!!!
i will do it just because this could be called my last episode...
i've decided to leave the cae b course because i have to study lotts!!!
but it's good to remember the diferent good moments we had spent alltogether
it was the greatest group i have been in years!
all the stuff we have done were really great and i have enjoyed them very much!
and it's too moving for me to be writing sth like this... and i don't want to get it longer so i just want to say
good bye and have fun!!
see ya round on line!!!
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Hi fellows! I`ve posted a new episode in my personal page http://paula_armoa.podomatic.com/
Do give it a look, please!! Paula A.


İm ın Istanbul at the moment, enjoying one of the most exotiıc places Ive visıted in my life. The dıfferences in cultures, in relıgions, in lifestyles are unbeievable until you see them..., so VERY interesting!
İ hope you are all ok, send you my love through a viırtual hug hoping to get some news from you!!


This is the video Vance prepared for our presentation to the world next month... It's about his project, Writingmatrix and tagging... You are there, my dear students!!!

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