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They work.., they participate..., they care...They are my lovely students, now sitting for a pre-test, getting a taste of the final exam to come...

Comments, please, how did you live the experience...??

If you want to have some extra practice on our final exam one of these days, my dear students, now that it's freezing cold in Rosario and maybe you find you have nothing to do at home....winking..., here you'll find two very good sites with exam practice. They are http://www.examenglish.com/ http://www.flo-joe.co.uk/cae/students/tests/pt1index.htm Enjoy!!! Rita

This episode is to ask everybody if you would like to go out on next friday at nigth. We, Agustin,Facu and me, were thinking that we could go to O Conell`s and then decide what to do next. Everybody who is interes leave your msn. Rita you can join us.
Hugs and good luck to everyone,
Juan Ignacio

Well, here is what i promised. To sum up, last class we discused about the positive and negative aspects of tv, and i must say, there were several opinions about this controversial topic. In this particular Episode i will put as an example two very popular tv shows here in Argentina, one is "Bailando por un sueño" or "Dancing for a dream" and "Big Brother" . What do you think about them? Are this shows nutritional for our minds or are they a negative influence for young tennargers? I once heart that this kind of shows are made with the purpose of making the population "dummer" and so its easier for the goverment to influence them. what do you think? Is this true?.
To be honest, i think that television is a fantastic invention, is a very good way of being informed for example, also sometimes a way of entertaiment for those rainy days. We are the problem, is the way that we use it; we can watch big brother or we can live our own lives. I must admit that i have seen many times this show, and is a waste of time.
Well, i hope you all post your opinions, hugs and good luck to everyone,
Juan Ignacio.

Would you believe me, my very dear students that I am thinking of you....? Well, this message proves it.... I do hope that you are spending a good time during this terribly cold winter break..., here's nice and warm!!!! smiley ...and I also hope all of you will soon get the chance to travel to any English speaking country to enjoy the marvels of sharing a different lifestyle, different cultures, and a common language to communicate with native speakers of English.... It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! In the meantime, make the most of what you have, the second best option you are so lucky to be able to make use of: the Internet.... winking C'mon, do tell me what you are doing, post a photo, record a comment for me..., I'll be delighted to get news from you..., I'm happy to be your teacher! Hugs all, Rita
Go to http://www.zimmertwins.ca/node/492843 and you'll see a movie... Now who can make another movie, much better than this one...?

For the ones who could not say "present" today...
sorry for them i am
here's the peeec
(and me with that lovely pink scarf that i loved but was taken from me by its real owner... whose name its obviously non mentionable...)
(post sth beautiful too if you can... xD)

Some of us wanted to go out on saturday nigth and what a better place that this blog to inform all about this. We can go to a pub or something like, just the CAE group. Wha do you think? Make suggestion about the places we could visit. Perphaps Rita would like to join us?
Well, hugs to everyone
Juan Ignacio

And in this episode Yasmine, Mauro and Viviana tell their stories. Listen to them!!!!

i want to contribute with this amazing blog. This is a very controversial topic and i think that it will end in a huge discusion. Does friendship between men and women exist? Is it possible?. Leave all your comments and the reasons for your answer.
Hugs to everyone,
Juan Ignacio

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